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BattleWagon Mounts, LLC is a Cleveland, OH based manufacturer dedicated to providing boaters with the highest quality radar mounts and accessories that will distinguish your boat. Every component is made and sourced in America. Our skilled craftsman hand weld and polish each mount and we pride ourselves on outstanding support and service. 

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  • Polished Stainless Steel vs. Powder Coated Aluminum Boat Radar Towers

    The differences between polished stainless and powder coated aluminum go far beyond cost. Choice of material and manufacturing process has a profound impact on the longevity and appearance of your marine radar mount in the long run. I hesitated in producing this article as I do not want it to be perceived as a criticism of any powder coated marine radar mast. Most manufacturers produce a high quality...
  • BattleWagon Polished Stainless Dual Mount

    BattleWagon has created a stunning new polished stainless steel dual radar mount for compact satellite domes and radar domes that simply look like jewelry for your boat. The dual mount is 16” tall and like all BattleWagon mounts, is hand crafted by incredibly skilled fabricators, polishers, and welders. Utilizing American steel, components, and craftsmen, this dual mount is the only polished...
  • Benefits of Properly Mounting your Radar Antenna

    If you have made the investment in a marine radar system, you already understand the benefits of marine radar for safety, navigation, and weather prediction. Whether your radar is mounted on a hardtop or radar arch, it is important to consider many factors in order to optimize the performance of your radar by properly mounting your radar antenna to ensure: