• How To Choose The Proper Marine Radar Mount For Your Application

    In order to achieve optimum radar performance and to plan the most effective installation of your radar, you must consider some primary issues. Radar works on line of sight, which means that planning an installation has to consider any interference of that line of sight.
  • Where to Mount a Radome for Best Performance

    The radome or open-array antenna sitting atop your boat is your radar's eyes and ears, and like the eyes and ears upon your own head, the way it's situated can make a world of difference in what it sees and hears. When it comes to radar, of course, the way it sees is the way it hears. Think of your radar antenna as a loudspeaker and microphone, all in one. The loudspeaker shouts — with a microwave...
  • How To Properly Install Your Mount On A Cored Deck

    When installing hardware on a cored deck there are 2 primary problems: 1. The opportunity for water infusion into the core. 2. Potential for crushing the core when fasteners are torqued. I’ve used a method of installing hardware for many years that addresses both of these concerns and ensures that there are no future issues with water intrusion.
    I will use a BattleWagon marine radar mount...
  • How To Determine If You Need A Radar Tower With A Down Angle

    You've purchased a radar and it is time to install it. There are a few decisions you must make to ensure you achieve optimal performance. The item I would like to discuss today is how to determine if you need a 4 degree down angle on your marine radar mast or if a horizontal configuration is the most effective. To answer that question, we must first first understand that every installation is a compromise...