How To Choose The Proper Marine Radar Mount For Your Application

In order to achieve optimum radar performance and to plan the most effective installation of your radar, you must consider 3 primary issues:

  1. How radar works
  2. Where the radar antenna will be installed on your boat
  3. Under what conditions you will be using the radar most frequently

Radar works on line of sight, which means that planning an installation has to consider any interference of that line of sight including:

  • Flybridge
  • Outriggers
  • Antennas
  • Engine stacks
  • Searchlights
  • Horns
  • Masts
  • Satcom antennas

If the leading edge of your hardtop is going to interfere with the beam on plane there are 2 options: move the antenna forward on the hardtop, or use a taller mount. To determine if you need a radar mount with a 4 degree down angle, please see our newsletter that specifically addresses that issue.A common obstruction is the hardtop or Bimini. Radar emits a 25 degree bandwidth beam, 12 ½ degrees above and below the center of the magneto. We have a 25 degree bandwith PDF download for use on your boat to visualize exactly where obstructions may or may not impact your radar's performance. Print the chart out and simply hold it in the location where the radar will be installed and obstructions will become immediately apparent. The goal is to have the centerline of the beam parallel to the horizon in the conditions you will be using the radar most frequently.

Additional Considerations:

  • Mount the radar antenna as high as possible (this will provide the strongest long range performance)
  • The radar antenna should be mounted so it is easily accessible
  • The antenna should be well above head height
  • Your antenna should be mounted on or near the boat's centerline
  • Your radar antenna mount should be at least 3 feet from your compass
  • Mount the antenna parallel to the waterline

Many radar arches and hardtops have a mounting pad for radar with the appropriate down angle built in. If you were to purchase a radar mount with a down angle or wedge to accomplish the down angle, your radar will not detect long range targets

To install a BattleWagon Mount view our online installation instructions. You can also download and print our PDF installation guide»

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