Custom Radar Mounts by BattleWagon

As we all know everything on a boat is a compromise. Each radar installation has its own set of challenges to overcome and goals to achieve. We encounter unique circumstances regularly and generally can come up with a solution that works both aesthetically and functionally. If your radar installation has more questions than answers, give us a call and chances are pretty good we have seen the situation before or can come up with an answer that works.

To illustrate this point, we had a particularly interesting request from a gentleman in Nassau that had very limited hardtop space and required a dual radar mount and satellite mount, a custom navigation light, and required mounts for his GPS and satellite radio antennas. All had to fit in a tight footprint and just as important, it all had to be pretty and very shiny. Working with the client we developed several drawings and plans and once a workable design was created the craftsman at BattleWagon began fabrication. The result is a truly handmade work of art that not only served the purpose but will outlast the boat it is installed on. The welds are spectacular and polished out beautifully. The pictures speak for themselves.

Conway Y Bracket


As proud as we are of this particular marine radar mount, we want to make the point that we can create the mount to fit your specific situation in a spectacular way.

Thank you and God Bless America!

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