Fully Welded vs. Modular Radar Mounts

One of the primary goals at BattleWagon is to help you make educated decisions about the products necessary to mount your expensive marine electronics.  If you have purchased a new radar unit or satellite dome you have no doubt noticed the proliferation of modular mounts in which you purchase a base in the height you want and then choose a top plate that matches your dome or open array.  It is a trend in the industry for powder coated radar mounts that gives the buyer some flexibility and enables the manufacturer to more effectively manage their inventory.  It also enables bolt on accessories to be added easily.  A potential downside is the fact that there is more assembly work to be done by the buyer or installer (higher cost), the choices of top plates and accessories can be confusing, and the manufacturing process is a bit more complicated.  Additionally, a down angle is not available with these mounts and must be achieved through the additional purchase of a wedge.  The modular design also presents the opportunity for water intrusion through the seams where components come together.   Overall, the quality of most modular radar mounts is very high.


A fully welded radar mount is created with a slightly different philosophy.  Interchangeable top plates are eliminated for a universal top plate that is welded to the pedestal.   In the case of a BattleWagon radar mount, the universal top plate which fits most domes enables you to change electronics in the future without the need to purchase a new mount or top plate.  Add in grade 316 stainless steel and high quality welds and you have a mount that will outlast the vessel it is installed on.  Because each mount is fully welded, water intrusion is not possible and you have the additional benefit of beautifully polished welds.  You can also choose a BattleWagon mount with a 4 degree down angle at no additional charge, saving the cost, installation, and water intrusion implications of a wedge.  While a BattleWagon mount may be simpler in design, it is the simplicity that gives you the highest quality, most attractive marine radar mount on the market.  Each mount is fabricated, polished, and welded by American craftsman and results in a radar mount that is unique and strong.  BattleWagon: the strength to endure and come out shining!  

God Bless America!

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