Searchlight Dual Mount

BattleWagon has made another addition to our line of marine radar mounts and accessories: a dual mount for remote searchlights! The mount's foundation is a 12" aft leaning BattleWagon radar mount with an elegant polished stainless extension for the searchlight of your choice. The searchlight extension is fully welded and polished to a mirror finish, just like all BattleWagon mounts. There is no assembly of the mount whatsoever.

Remote Searchlight Mount

Being fully welded gives you the advantage of easy installation, and more importantly, no opportunity for water intrusion. There is a IP65 waterproof wiring gland in the pedestal that keeps your wiring safe and out of view for a clean installation. All materials are American grade 316 stainless steel for a finished product that not only will outlast your boat, it truly stands out as a stunning enhancement. BattleWagon was created as an alternative to all of the powder coated aluminum mounts on the market. The addition of the searchlight mount adds to a product line that already exceeds any stainless steel radar mounting system on the market. The photo below is a BattleWagon mount on the fixture just following welding and before the weld is polished out.

BattleWagon Searchlight Mount handmade in America using American materials

The photo speaks for itself on the talent of the craftsmen that fabricate every radar mount.  BattleWagon only sells radar mounts, navigation lights, hardware, and accessories that are manufactured in the USA. Our commitment to producing the highest quality products made from American materials at times makes sourcing a challenge. We view this philosophy as doing our own small part in supporting not only the craftsmen that fabricate our mounts, but also the enterprises we do business with and their employees. Please join us in supporting American manufacturing by spending your hard-earned dollars with companies that do the same. Thank you, and God Bless America!