Marine Radar Mount; Wedge Vs. Welded Down Angle

As you are planning your radar installation, one of the more critical decisions is whether or not you need a down angle on your radar for optimum performance.  No down angle could result in loss of close targets underway and down angle when not needed limits range.  For help making this decision, you can read our newsletter about determining whether you need a down angle.

Assuming that a down angle is needed, the next consideration is how to achieve that down angle.  All radar mount manufacturers have solutions to achieve a down angle either through the use of a wedge between the mount and mounting surface or as an angled top plate in a modular system.  There is also the option of installing a wedge without a radar mount, which depending on your application could be an appropriate solution, or maybe not as your radar may be aiming towards the hardtop or vessel in a manner that limits your visibility.  As a practical matter, all of these solutions will achieve the goal of a down angle for your radar.  There are also a couple of challenges:

    • Added complexity of the installation
    • Additional cost ($65 to $135)
    • Potential water intrusion 

We decided that producing a mount with a 4 degree down angle that is fully welded represents the best solution from both a cost and installation standpoint.  While it does cost slightly more to fabricate a mount with a down angle, the benefit far outweighs the cost.  We also decided not charge more for radar mounts with a down angle.  The payoff is a much cleaner installation that eliminates the opportunity for water intrusion or the complexity of installing a wedge. 


We manufacture radar mounts with a down angle in both 6" and 12" heights as well as fore and aft leaning at no additional charge.  Installation is simple; run your cables through the mount and out the wiring gland, bolt the mount down to your hardtop, and install the dome using our supplied polished stainless button cap socket screws.  The result is a very clean and sleek installation at no additional cost.  A down angled piece of jewelry for your boat!  

BattleWagon is committed to providing products that are made exclusively with American components and raw materials.  It may be a bit more expensive, but we get consistent quality and comfort in knowing we are supporting the American economy.  We are honored that you have chosen to visit BattleWagon and God Bless The USA!

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