What Does American Made Really Mean?

There are many ways that a product can be manufactured, assembled, or sourced that would make it considered to be American made.  It could be that the assembly is done in the US or the percentage of the parts and labor that are American is greater than 50%.  We go to great lengths at BattleWagon to ensure that every component of a BattleWagon Radar mount is American made.  Our steel is made in the USA.  We changed to Perko nav lights several years ago because the ones we were using came from overseas, even though the Perko lights were a bit more expensive.  Our gaskets, wiring glands, plugs, and all of the skilled labor are all American.

BattleWagon Radar Mount hand made in America using American materials.  

While BattleWagon is a small company, by sourcing everything here in the states we are supporting American businesses and labor.  If enough small companies adopt this philosophy, the American economy can only be positively impacted.  Of course our choice of material (grade 316 stainless steel) and sourcing in the USA results in a higher cost to manufacture but the huge upside is the quality of our marine radar mounts, which is the ultimate differentiator between BattleWagon and other powder coated radar mounts.  A BattleWagon mount will outlast your boat!

We sincerely believe that American products are superior to imported and as Americans we have an obligation to support our countrymen in the way we choose to spend our dollars.  We encourage you to seek out, evaluate, and spend your hard earned dollars on products made in the USA.  We can make this economy work for all Americans if we choose American products first!  A BattleWagon radar mount is an example of the true craftsmanship that resides right here.  BattleWagon; built to endure and come out shining!  God Bless America!

American made BattleWagon Mount, made using American materials.  Battle Wagon Radar Mount - American made, American materials.

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