What Makes a BattleWagon Radar Mount Different?

There is no single item that makes BattleWagon unique.  It is everything about BattleWagon that makes it an original, handcrafted piece of jewelry for your boat.  Every component is made in America, from the grade 316 stainless steel, to the gaskets (made in house), to our Perko LED all around nav lights.  We relentlessly adhere to this guiding principle above all others.  Perhaps the best way to describe the difference between BattleWagon polished stainless mounts and every other mount out there is the craftsmanship and skilled hands that have fabricated, polished, and welded every marine radar mount.  The only automation that goes into the mount is the top and bottom plates, which are laser cut.  Every other step in the process depends on the skill and artistry of our polishers, welders, and fabricators.  The finished product speaks for itself.


Your BattleWagon marine radar mount is truly a handcrafted piece of jewelry for your boat created by a team of exceptional artisans using only materials from the USA.  We take immense pride in every mount and the passion and skill that goes into every one.  God Bless America!

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