About Us

BattleWagon Mounts, LLC is a Cleveland, OH based manufacturer dedicated to providing boaters with the highest quality radar mounts and accessories that will distinguish your boat. Every component is made and sourced in America. Our skilled craftsman hand weld and polish each mount and we pride ourselves on outstanding support and service. Everything about a BattleWagon marine radar tower is of the highest quality, from the alloys we use (grade 316L stainless steel), to our base gasket, to our navigation light mounting method. All of our welders are graduates of the famous Lincoln Electric School of Welding, which means the highest quality welds that are polished to an amazing finish. Our base gasket is a SCE-41 PSA blended closed cell foam that resists moisture, salt water, and UV rays. Additionally, the gasket is already installed on the base of your mount, easing installation. Your BattleWagon mount with the navigation light option is grade 316 stainless steel that is .035" thick, not the extremely thin wall tubing other manufacturers use. We also attach your navigation light with 2 grade 316 stainless steel through bolts for the strongest installation possible. Most other manufacturers use pins or clips to hold their nav lights in place. Every component of a BattleWagon mount is of the highest quality and durability!


Our Manufacturing Process


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