Our Manufacturing Process

Every BattleWagon mount is manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel, which offers the greatest corrosion resistance in the marine environment. Top and bottom plates are laser cut and that is the end of our automation. After polishing, the plates are then TIG welded to the mounting pedestal by graduates of the Lincoln Electric Welding School. The welds are then hand polished on a large buffing wheel. Once the welds are polished, the entire radar mount is given a second polishing to ensure any imperfections are eliminated. The finished mount is then inspected again by one of the management team prior to packaging and shipment. Our manufacturing process is much more labor intensive and time consuming than that of a powder coated aluminum mount. The result, however, is a marine radar mount that is truly beautiful and unique. Our customers have chosen a BattleWagon mount for their boat because of its quality, stunning appearance, and the fact that it is an American product. There are many lower cost alternatives in the marketplace, but you will not find a higher quality, more attractive radar mount for your boat. We truly appreciate your business and your visit to BattleWagon. If you have any questions, please contact us. We also encourage any and all suggestions for accessories or opportunities to improve BattleWagon mounts.