Marine Radar & Satellite TV Antenna Mount Warranty


 BattleWagon warrants its products in the ownership of the Customer for 24 months from invoice date against defects in manufacturing or materials only.

 BattleWagon accepts no liability for incidental or consequential losses due to defective

merchandise. This warranty applies only to defects in manufacturing or materials and does not apply to any damage, alterations, or faulty installation caused by the customer or his agent. Defective merchandise will be replaced or repaired at BattleWagon’s discretion. Faulty installation includes installation on a non-flat surface. The customer must contact BattleWagon prior to returning any product. Defective merchandise must be returned for inspection by BattleWagon with the cost of shipping paid by the customer.  BattleWagon reserves the right to refuse poorly packaged returns. BattleWagon reserves the right to modify and/or change the design and specification of its products without notice. Such changes will not entitle the Customer to claim replacement or refund under this warranty.

This warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy for the customer and BattleWagon and excludes all other liabilities to the fullest extent permitted by law.